What you're looking at right now is (probably) the only site where you can find out more about ME!!! First of all, i am Olympia, but i'm not telling you my last name for safety reasons. As you look through this awesome site, you will find out about me, plus read a blog by me if i can work out how to make one. To all those people reading this that i know, luv ya! for everyone else, thanks for choosing my site out of probably the heap that would have come up.

olympia(the author of the site)

 Below is a message from my annoying little bother: 

hellloo. i was the first person on this website EVER! SHAME!!!   p.s I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like lego, and when i wrote this, i was working on the lego house that me and olympia were making. i have got an account on the chatroom, and so does olympia, but you probably knew that.

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